Augmented reality in Education. Testimonianza di Paul Hamilton. (Eng)

Paul Hamilton

AR ebookAugmented Reality in Education, Paul Hamilton (ENG)

“Con la realtà aumentata i miei studenti hanno reagito in un modo che non avevo previsto. E’ stato un vero insegnamento personalizzato.” Ho raccolto le mie esperienze  in un iBook gratuito che è ora disponibile su iBook Store. “

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Filmato AR a scuola

 “My first experience with Augmented Reality was an enchanted one. I am not easily startled or taken back by new innovations in technology but Augmented Reality seized my attention instantly. However, it is what it did with my students that was something to behold. Not only did it fully engross them in the process of learning, it delivered content in a way that made the entire experience a truly authentic, personalized and persuasive one. The students reacted in a way I could never have anticipated.”

  • “It was great because I could go back over it at my own pace”. Nick
  • “I liked AR because it repeated things and it was easy to understand”. Sophia
  •  “It helped me work out the question”. Holly
  • “I liked it because it was fun but challenging. I didn’t have to listen to the teacher for the whole lesson, I could starting working.”. Liam
  • “I liked it because it taught me something I didn’t know before”. Jemi

“As I began exploring the engaging nature of Augmented Reality I started to find other areas in education where it could be utilized. Having prospective parents visit my classroom on a regular basis I saw the importance of incorporating Augmented Reality with the purpose of engaging with the wider school community. I continued to make connections with Augmented Reality and my daily routines as a teacher so I decided to share my experiences with the world through a free iBook that is now available on the iBook Store. It delves the effectiveness of Augmented Reality in Education through the power of persuasion on the student mind. It also presents a video tutorial on how teachers can create an Augmented Reality experience with their students.”


Paul Hamilton, about the Author. Primary ICT Coordinator at Matthew Flinders Anglican College.  info: /FaceBook:

(ITA) Testimonianze di piccoli allievi di Paul Hamilton:

“E ‘stato grande perché potevo tornare indietro secondo i miei ritmi di apprendimento ” .
“Mi è piaciuto AR perché ripete le cose ed era facile da capire” .
” Mi ha aiutato a lavorare anche facendo altro” .
” Mi è piaciuto perché è stato divertente ma impegnativo  Non ho dovuto ascoltare l’insegnante per tutta la lezione, ho potuto iniziare a lavorare. ”
“Mi è piaciuto perché mi ha insegnato qualcosa che non sapevo prima ”
“Ho continuato a fare collegamenti con la realtà aumentata e la mia routine quotidiana come insegnante così ho deciso di condividere le mie es


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